I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Fourth Of July!  Although some of you may be seeing this on Wednesday, I like the “Take Action Tuesday Theme” and decided to go with it.  We had a nice weekend;  A little baseball, a little yard work and a fun bbq with good friends.  A nice balance for a change.

Holiday weekends, parties and vacations are a part of life.  For many of us, we are faced with different/tempting foods, altered schedules and may even find if difficult to fit in a workout.  That is LIFE gang.  These days do not necessarily have to have a big impact on our health/weight.  That is, if we learn how to get back on track as soon as possible.

How to Get Back on Track after a Holiday


Avoid the ALL OR NOTHING APPROACH to eating.  You know the drill.  “Oh well, I blew my diet, I will get back on track on Monday, or when I get home” Sometime this is referred to as the “LAST SUPPER” mentality.   This, my friends, is the kiss of death.  There is ALWAYS something you can do while on vacation that can keep you focussed.  Often times, it is not necessarily the one or two “splurge” foods that have the most impact.  Rather, it is all the food you eat out of guilt after the splurge that gets you into trouble.  Be mindful of your food, decide what you want to splurge on, eat it, enjoy it and move on.

DOUBLE UP ON VEGGIES – Every day.  Double, triple, whatever it takes.  Veggies are filling, full of nutrients and fiber and help to make you feel like you are eating more than you really are.  Fill 1/2 your plate with veggies and there is not as much room for the higher calories foods.  Be “that person” who always brings the veggie platter to the BBQ.  Try this delicious chopped salad recipe, the dressing is to die for.  Believe me- I never have leftovers to bring home when I bring this item.

START YOUR DAY WITH PROTEIN.  This is a quick fix that has a HUGE impact on your day. Especially if you overindulged the day before.  Starting your day with a breakfast that is high in protein helps to squash cravings later in the day, helps stabilize blood sugar and above all, keeps you full longer than a carbohydrate rich meal.  Try these yummy egg cups or overnight oatmeal.  Peanut butter on a whole wheat bagel or greek yogurt and berries are all quick and easy options.  The key is to be prepared and have these foods on hand.

PLAN YOUR MEALS/SNACKS for the NEXT DAY – Regrouping and getting back on track after a holiday is MUCH easier if you have a plan for a couple of days.  Get the tempting food out and the healthy food in.  Trust me!  This is a game changer.

DRINK WATER and MOVE.   Special “detoxes” or “cleanses” are not necessary to magically flush out the body, we have kidneys that do this job.  Simply drinking extra water and exercising are sufficient to clear out the junk and get back on track.  Make it a habit to drink a glass of water while your morning coffee is brewing – this is a great way to sneak in an additional 8 ounces of water and will also help with any dehydration resulting from excess alcohol the night before.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – GET RID OF THE GUILT!  Food and weight should not set the tone for your day.  Feeling guilty because of a number on the scale or having an extra piece of cake over the weekend should not be the memory of a holiday.  Spending time with family and friends should be the focus.  You are in charge of your health.  Some days will be better than others and developing a healthy mindset in this regard is important.

We are heading on vacation in a few days and I can assure you, splurges will occur.  Balance and mindfulness is what I am shooting for.  Avoiding the mindless snacking habit that I sometimes fall into when I am off my regular schedule will be something I will pay close attention to.  I would rather save my splurge for something REALLY good rather than a handful of tortilla chips that I don’t even realize I am eating.

My focus will be on spending time with the 5 most important men in my life and, well you know… Miss Daisy!

To Your Health!  Noreen