Have the holidays STRESSED you out?

Ha – like I don’t know the answer to that question. This time of year is stressful and busy to say the least. Although it is difficult to take the time to eat a healthy, balanced diet when there do not seem to be enough hours in the day, there are a few things you can do to feel better

1) Watch the amount of  SUGAR you consume! I know this is tough, and there seem to be temptations everywhere but try to limit the white stuff. Be selective and don’t waste calories on junk!  Grandmas special sugar cookie – yes,  Oreos or frozen yogurt that you can have any time – NO!  Sugar really taxes our system and sends the blood sugar soaring, only to drop an hour or so later making you want more sugar! (viscous cycle).  If you do decide to have some sweets – DO NOT EAT THEM ALONE!  Pairing them with a lean protein or healthy fat will lessen the impact on your blood sugar. So if you decide to have dessert, have it right after the meal, rather than waiting a few hours and having it alone and keep a small baggie of almonds or walnuts in your bag to munch on before going to a party.


2) Drink plenty of WATER!  This will help  to keep you hydrated and also help decrease hunger and cravings.  Start your morning with a mug of warm water, lemon juice and honey.  This will help reduce inflammation in the body that can occur when too much sugar is consumed.

3) DO NOT SKIP MEALS! enough said….

4) EXERCISE AND SLEEP! Even if it is just a quick power walk,  lifting a few weights while you are talking on the phone, a set of squats and sit-ups before bed or parking at the far end of the parking lot while at the mall.  Any movement you do will help. Exercise is a Great Stress reducer also!

5) Although I am not one to promote supplements and prefer to recommend getting nutrients from food first. Taking a quality multi vitamin can be helpful. Making sure you get adequate B vitamins into your body can help the body respond to stress in a more manageable way!

Have a wonderful weekend and take time to relax with family and friends!

To your health – Noreen!