I posted this on my YOUR FOREVER DIET FACE BOOK  Page this week and got a huge positive response so I thought I would share it with all of you!  This point is not so much about my son but about the lesson I learned from his reaction to a set back in his life.


Sometimes it takes a kid to point out what is really important. I usually don’t post on many family things but I thought this may help to put what we are striving for into perspective. One of my son’s is very serious about his sport. He has  pretty much sacrificed the better part of the last 12 years on getting ready for his spring season in the hopes of possibly getting noticed for college. Well yesterday, in the second game of the season he suffered an injury. My heart breaks for him because of his disappointment. Of course we had the chat about – “There is a reason for everything, there is a plan, blah blah blah….”  But bottom line – it sucks…
Later that evening I went into his room to say good night and he wanted to chat. I thought it would be about his issue but it wasn’t, it was about a friend he is worried about who is going thru a really hard time right now. He was texting this friend to let him know he is there for them and giving them support. Needless to say, I took a step back – WOW – here I am thinking he is going to whine and complain about his situation and BAM – he has moved on to something more important, the big picture his friends happiness.


So many times, people (myself included) get so focussed on what is and is not working for us in regard to diet and exercise. We “poor me it” and let the number on the scale rule our day. Well, last night taught me that I (we) need to look at the bigger picture rather than the tiny details. There will always be bumps along the road but if we keep the focus on the end goal – BECOMING HEALTHIER – everything else will fall into place.
I love my son to the moon and back and know he will ride this out as he always does. With a smile and a huge heart.

Have a wonderful Day – Noreen