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Halloween Survival 101

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As a Dietitian, I am often asked for tips on how to survive Halloween without suffering Sugar Shock. Here are some helpful tips to navigate thru the next week!


Think Pink in October and Beyond…. (yummy pink smoothie recipe too!)

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The American Cancer Society recognizes October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everywhere you look you can see the color PINK.

What about on your plate? Eating a variety of antioxidant rich colorful fruits and veggies can be one of the best defenses against cancer and improving your overall health.


Riding the Crave Wave – Tips on how to deal with annoying food cravings

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Whoever said food cannot talk has never experienced an intense food craving. You know the feeling when the bowl of candy corn on your co-workers desk starts to taunt you or the carton of ice cream in the freezer calls your name. Most of us have experienced this feeling. What do you do? Give in and scarf down the candy corn? Spend your day “white knuckling it?” Consumed with thoughts of food? Don’t give up the ship – although cravings are very real, they also can be controlled.


FIBER – Weight loss WONDER! and yummy taco soup recipe

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FIBER – Weight loss wonder!

It seems like we are always looking for that MAGIC BULLET when it comes to weight loss. A shake, pill or supplement that will painlessly melt the fat away. Newsflash – there is none… Fear not, the answer is simple and has been around forever: Consume real, whole food in quantities that fill you but do not stuff you.


TACO-RONI (new recipe was a hit with the Gallo men!)

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Getting a healthy dinner on the table can be difficult when you have multiple kids with multiple schedules. Preparation is key! Having the ingredients in the house and getting as much prepared ahead of time can be lifesavers. Last week I experimented with this new casserole recipe and it was a hit.


Back to School Snack Ideas

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There is no getting around it – kids LOVE to snack! As a mom of 4 boys, I frequently hear – “I’m starving!”, “What can I eat” or my favorite – “There is never any food in this house…” The fact of the matter is kids need to snack. When they are small and have little bellies, it is hard to eat enough at a meal to stay full until the next meal and as they grow, they continue to need to snack because they are growing at a rapid rate. The key is to snack correctly.